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Our Mission

Sunex Marine Ltd.

Sunex Marine Ltd. is an international company in the $20 billion dollar ship repair industry.
The mission is to provide full service one stop ship repair shops nationally, then acquire larger yards to service commercial repairs in each nation. In the global ship repair industry, the United States, Canada, Singapore, China, Europe and the Middle East are the areas with the billions of dollars of ship repair activity.
Sunex Marine Ltd. goals are to have locations in each of these areas to offer the products and services to individual and commercial ship owners globally.


Sunex Marine Ltd.

We are an international one stop boat repair shop with headquarters in Gambia and Honolulu, Hawaii and expanding internationally. We offer comprehensive boat repair services that include fiberglass repair, electrical repair, plumbing, welding, and fabrication. We also offer mobile repair, and will travel to any location to provide maintenance. Sunex Marine Ltd.'s expertise in these areas will increase ability to gain multi-million dollar government naval contracts. Along with repair and maintenance services, Sunex Marine Ltd. also provides boat related items including radar, engines, radios, and other accessories. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professional service, and provide all boat owners with comprehensive boat repair and maintenance.

Sunex Marine Ltd.'s location will provide a high level of access to boat owners of all kinds. The Company will target both private boat owners and commercial boating companies. Sunex Marine Ltd.'s comprehensive boat maintenance and repair will meet the need that all boat owners have for well maintained and working water crafts. Although the Company will primarily target private boat owners, Sunex Marine Ltd. will help commercial boat companies maintain their fleets of boats for any and all purposes. The Company will operate within the Boatbuilding and Repairing industry.

The company's Hawaii Division will target customers in and around the island of Oahu, specifically within the Honolulu metropolitan area. Then expand to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands and the United States. Within this area of operations, the average business in the Boatbuilding and Repairing industry reports yearly sales of $200,000, for industry-wide annual sales of $2.3 million, according to data provided by Dun & Bradstreet. Sunex Marine Ltd. will experience competition from all boat repair companies in and around the island of Oahu. Many of these businesses provide only limited repair and maintenance services, or limit their services to certain types and sizes of boats. The Company will be able to outperform all levels of competition by providing comprehensive boat repair for vessels of all kinds. Sunex Marine Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest level of professional repair services, and will be able to build a strong market presence from within the population of the island of Oahu.

Sunex Marine Ltd. will identify with its target market by bringing its one-stop boat repair shop to Oahu. In order to spread awareness about its grand opening event, the Company will employ several marketing techniques. Traditional advertising such as outdoor signage, radio commercials, print media, and brochure distribution will help locals understand its many service abilities. Furthermore, the Company will benefit from a search engine optimized website to maintain an online presence. Participation in the community will be essential to building its brand effectively. This will involve trade show attendance, event sponsorship, and cross-promotion with local retail boat outfits and surf companies. The Company will also help build the brand through the distribution of promotional goods to the public such as floating keychains at appropriate community events. As a result of these ongoing efforts, Sunex Marine Ltd. intends to garner a reputation as the most-service driven boat repair shop on the island.

The company's International Division based in Gambia, will focus on similar efforts in that region and also look at aggressively acquiring businesses with complimentary business models. We have also identified the next division location as Hawaii.

About Us


Sunex Marine is aware that both private and commercial boat owners are in need of dedicated mechanics and maintenance services. The Company will be staffed by highly trained and knowledgeable individuals, and will be able to provide maintenance and service to a wide variety of boats. Sunex Marine will provide its clients with the following services:
  • Comprehensive boat repair and maintenance
  • Mobile repair
  • Sales of boat related items Boat sales and parts dealership
  • Product and Service Description

Sunex Marine’s chosen location will maximize its ability to tap into a steady stream of consumer traffic. Home to many private boat owners, and a popular tourist destination, the island of Oahu provides Sunex Marine with access to a large and dynamic customer base.
A detailed description of the services offered by the Company in the Hawaii Division is as follows:


Boat Repair and Maintenance:
Maintenance and repair will be Sunex Marine’s primary service. The Company will be able to provide repair services to both privately owned boats and commercial boating operations. Sunex Marine’s repair and maintenance services will include fiberglass repair, electrical repair, plumbing, welding, and fabrication of parts. The Company will be able to completely reconstruct boat hulls, transoms, and caps, and will ensure that all electrical equipment is properly installed and maintained.

Mobile Repair:
Sunex Marine is aware that many boat owners that need maintenance may not be able to get their boats to the Company’s location. In these situations, Sunex Marine will be able to travel to its client’s location to provide comprehensive repair and maintenance.

Retail Sales:
Sunex Marine will provide retail of boat related items. These items will include radar, engines, radios, and other important accessories. The Company understands the need boat owners have for being outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and will provide all the necessary items and accessories. Sunex Marine will carry only top-of-the-line equipment and accessories.


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